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About Us
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Shenzhen Qianghuixin Technology Co., Ltd.'s main products are various types of packaging materials such as bubble bags, bubble films, plastic bags, antistatic bags, stretch films, pearl cotton, sealing tape and so on. The company is located in 7 Shiyan Second Industrial Zone, Baoan District, Shenzhen, covering an area of more than 5,000 square meters ... After years of growth and development, the company has accumulated rich industry experience and has a number of advanced production equipment And professional technicians, we strive to provide customers with satisfactory packaging design solutions. All products have passed SGS testing and are in compliance with (RoHS) international environmental standards. The products are not only spread in the Pearl River Delta region, but also favored by customers in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Tianjin, Fujian, Xi'an, Zhejiang, Shandong and other important industrial cities. The company introduces complete sets of equipment such as bubble bag film cutting machine, bag making machine and feeder with international advanced level. The company has an annual output capacity of more than 3 million tons, and its products are exported to domestic, Southeast Asian, European and American countries and regions. It is a professional manufacturer of packaging materials in Shenzhen. It is a comprehensive enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. The company has a complete and scientific quality management system that has passed the ISO9001 American International Quality Management System. All products comply with international environmental protection requirements and pass the quality test of RoHS and SGS environmental testing agencies. They are non-toxic and tasteless environmentally friendly products. Fast efficiency and perfect service, listen to the customer's voice, and meet customer needs. Welcome to inquire, request samples, order! Delivery cycle is 3-4 days, urgent order special processing! For product details, please refer to the company website to listen to customer's voice and meet customer needs! Satisfying customers and achieving a win-win situation is our business philosophy!

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  • Bubble bag making machine
    Bubble bag making machine
  • Bubble film cutting machine
    Bubble film cutting machine
  • Qiang Huixin team
    Qiang Huixin team
  • Bubble film discharge host
    Bubble film discharge host
  • Qianghuixin Factory
    Qianghuixin Factory


Products Product Categories
  • Bubble roll series30
    Bubble roll series
  • Bubble bag series20
    Bubble bag series
  • Bubble film series29
    Bubble film series
  • EPE pearl cotton seriestwenty four
    EPE pearl cotton series
  • Plastic bag seriestwenty three
    Plastic bag series
  • Anti-static bag series27
    Anti-static bag series
  • Stretch film seriestwenty two
    Stretch film series
  • Sealing tape series26
    Sealing tape series

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Proudcts Product Proudcts
  • Tablet PC Bubble Bag Packaging
    Tablet PC Bubble Bag Packaging
  • Red bubble film
    Red bubble film
  • 25MM large bubble bubble roll
    25MM large bubble bubble roll
  • Shenzhen stretch film
    Shenzhen stretch film
  • Shenzhen stretch film manufacturers
    Shenzhen stretch film manufacturers
  • Shock-resistant foam pad
    Shock-resistant foam pad
  • 2mm pearl cotton roll
    2mm pearl cotton roll
  • Thick Watch Bubble Bag
    Thick Watch Bubble Bag
  • Shiyan bubble bag manufacturers
    Shiyan bubble bag manufacturers

Choose our advantages

Our advantage
Endorsed only for boutique bags
The company introduced advanced bubble film blowing machine, bag cutting machine, pearl cotton discharge machine, stretch film cutting machine, stretch film machine, blow molding machine, bag making machine, compound machine and other complete sets of equipment. Products are exported to domestic, Southeast Asian, European and American countries and regions. The details determine success or failure, and quality makes the future. Over the years, we abide by contracts and keep promises, and have won widespread trust from many customers.
Has an experienced design and production team, many years of experience in the development and production of plastic bag products. The plant covers an area of 5,000 square meters and employs more than 80 people. Factory direct sales, shorten the distance between the factory and the buyer, reduce costs, and low prices. We continue to innovate, make bold attempts in product safety and functional design, and focus on user experience.
Excellent quality
Excellent quality
Brand new material, snow white, transparent, soaked high, easy to break and shockproof. Every link from raw materials to shipment is strictly tested, all products meet international environmental protection requirements, and pass the RoHS and SGS environmental protection testing agency quality tests, accepting individual samples.

Factory direct sales

Factory direct sales
The company's scientific management process is standardized, with an annual output of 3 million tons. Factory direct sales, shorten the distance between the factory and the buyer, reduce costs, and low prices. Is a professional manufacturer of packaging materials in Shenzhen.

Expedited delivery

Expedited delivery
From the procurement of raw materials to the logistics and transportation, the standardized coordination of each link guarantees the reasonable arrangement of production, timely shipment, normal delivery within 2-3 days, special handling of urgent goods, and spot delivery on the same day.

Cheap and affordable

Cheap and affordable
Our own raw material production base has a scientific and advanced production line, which greatly reduces production costs, making our prices highly competitive among peers.

Qianghuixin Hot Products

Hot Products


  • 5/10 2017
    Qianghuixin Packaging Website is officially adapted and launched

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  • 5/10 2017
    Shockproof bubble bag manufacturers teach you how to pack fragile products?
  • 5/10 2017
    Talking about how bubble bags are shockproof

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Focus on shock protection to protect your products

Focus on shock protection and focus on protecting your products!

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